Create a simple marketing site that promotes signups and piques interest in the product

My Role:

UI/UX design, HTML & CSS/SCSS, copywriting

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Project planning and strategy

I was given the responsibility of both design and development for the voiceops.com redesign. Being the only designer in the company, I had to plan and conduct the whole process in a timely/efficient manner, carefully delegating tasks and spending time wisely. I began by researching best implementation practices for the devices we we're targeting, as well as identifying pain points in the current design and how we could increase demo requests.

voiceops steps

Old Voiceops.com(left) vs. new VoiceOps(right)

Communicating value

The weakest aspect of the previous design was it's value proposition and content. The site's hero section was vague, unfriendly, and had a weak call-to-action. The content was chunked into many different sections that all gave confusing details on what the product does and it's value, like 'Remove the guesswork, and elevate your team'. I worked directly with the founders and marketing department in to establish what the real value was and how we could communicate it in the simplest manner. We arrived at the new hero section(above) and 3 short paragraphs with titles and simplified product screenshots(below), after many different copy iterations.

voiceops steps

Visual overhaul

Not only did the previous product not communicate what the product was well, but it also had an entirely different visual feel to it than the VoiceOps app. I made it a goal for the new voiceops.com aesthetic to strongly reflect the app's look and feel. I stripped VoiceOps identity down to it's bare basics and put an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism. The VoiceOps app mirrors this, with a big emphasis on making an intimidating set of content look and feel simple.

voiceops steps
voiceops steps

Testimonial section and footer