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Continually create new features, validate and iterate, identify problems and work directly with the founders and engineers to build our flagship product

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My solo product designer adventure

Being the only designer in a very small startup came with many freedoms, challenges, and responsibilities throughout the many sprints I was involved with. Some weeks I would wear different hats, starting with lean research all the way through to visual design and style implementation in React.js with SASS. Other weeks, the problems we were solving only called for a specific part of the design process, like doing visual tweaks, gaining insight by watching FullStory recorded sessions, or low-fi ideation on potential solutions. I took a very lean, fail fast approach in creating new features and improvements for VoiceOps, as many of our ideas were exploratory and needed quick validation before we decided to go all-in on a particular solution.

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Passworld-less sign in screen

Empowering our user to focus on good sales behavior

At it's core, the VoiceOps app provides actionable insight to sales managers, allowing them to coach their reps better. When I was brought onboard, the app was already doing a great job of providing great data about sales calls that managers want to see. However, there wasn't any particular focus on one of the many valuable pieces of information about calls that really drove improvement in coaching and sales behaviors. We decided that the app should emphasize whether certain behaviors are happening or not on calls, and it should be very easy to find and coach on calls with relevant behaviors. I identified the primary use case for this as: choose rep > choose behavior > see calls > prepare for coaching. This aligned with our user's mental model of how they approached coaching a rep. Shifting our apps focus to behaviors significantly helped managers hone in on what they want to coach on and go through clear task flows in the app.

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voiceops steps

Calls filtered by behavior that didn't occur

Better coaching tools

While continually gaining insight, it became more and more clear that managers didn't currently have an organized and simple way to coach reps. Depending on the style of their organization, sales managers had different ways of coaching and there didn't seem to be any gold standard. To solve this, we created a coaching tool that aimed to help managers organize and prepare for their 1-1 coaching sessions with reps. The coaching form was a somewhat flexible form that could be accessed anywhere in the app, and allow managers to write notes, score, and keep lists of action items in preparation for their in-person coaching sessions with reps. After a few iterations and lots of feedback, our coaching form was starting to become the best way a manager could prepare and organize their sessions. This one simple tool had a domino effect on improving coaching and sales behavior.

voiceops steps
voiceops steps

Drag and drop functionality for coaching form