Redesign TicketNetwork's flagship ticket broker software from the ground up, in a web-based environment.

My Role:

User research, moderated usability testing, wireframing, prototyping, visual interface design

Making sense of a monsterous product

TicketNetwork brokers had been using a very outdated, yet powerful software to meet their needs for 10+ years. The product grew rapidly, eventually becoming bloated, slow, and unstable before the decision was made to rebuild it into a web-based product that would be lean, fast, and accessible. My first, and most important goal was to immerse myself in a typical broker's workflow. It was critical that I understood how the current point-of-sale was being used, and the primary pain-points associated with those workflows.


Laying the groundwork and rapid iteration

Early conceptualization of the web-based point-of-sale was a balancing act between prioritizing features, and creating a solid groundwork that would support the massive amount of features/functionality that would be added in later sprints. During this time, I created many low to mid fidelity wireframes and concepts to help the team visualize the product and plan development accordingly.


Early main grid concept

visual concept

Early dashboard visual concept

visual concept

Optimizing complicated workflows

Designing a new product for veteran brokers was a daunting proccess, being that most of them were very stuck in their habits of how the old point-of-sale worked, and did not seem very open to change. A lot of areas in the old point-of-sale contained duplicate functionality, unnecessary steps, and hidden features that brokers had become accustomed to. It was critical that we optimize workflows for speed and usability in order to provide a smooth and rewarding of transition to the new product.


Visual ecosystem

Laying down a very strong design ecosystem was critical to the ease of implementation and communication. I carefully built a system of reusable UI elements and styles to enable a smooth design-to-dev handoff process. Just about every UI element imagineable was somewhere to be found in the web point-of-sale's 100+ unique screen designs, so it was very important for me to keep a consistent and clearly defined library of these elements.


Visual design

Familiar, yet modern was my primary initiative on the visual UI design side of things. The old point-of-sale used 100% native Windows application UI from 10 years ago. It was my job to bring Spotlight into the world of modern web design, but at the same time not stray too far from the classic, tried-and-true UI elements most brokers were used to.


Dashboard visual design


Events main page


Adding inventory to events


Inventory management screen