Venue Maps


Create a responsive venue maps experience that meets customer needs, increases conversion, and can be used across a wide range of event ticketing sites

My Role:

User interface design, user research, wireframing, prototyping


Discovering our customer needs

I conducted a competitive analysis and feature comparison between some of the top ticketing sites and apps, as well as stakeholder interviews to gain insight into what the current behavior and pain points were. This would inform me of the most important features, functionality, and information our customers needed.


Brainstorming and early wireframes

Communication is key. I created several rough wireframes, flow charts, and clickable prototypes to share ideas with team members and stakeholders early in our timeline. I was able to rapidly iterate on my ideas by testing these prototypes with potential users and getting feedback from business and development members.


Agile story map I created for the team

Putting the customer into the experience

Buying tickets to an event is commonly an emotional experience, as this event may be one of the most memorable moments of their life. It was important to me that the customer associates these emotions as they shop for tickets, by giving them as much information as possible about where they will be sitting. This information turned out to be the most critical in the customer’s purchase decision.


Part of my mobile maps feature matrix

The right information at the right time

During testing/feedback, we found it was absolutely critical for the product to align with what information a customer was looking for in this step of the process. The previous maps experience did not answer certain critical questions, such as "How will I receive my tickets and will I be sitting together with my friends?" until later in checkout or not at all. Giving this customer relevant information was one of the most important steps in gaining a purchase commitment early in the flow, and allowed them to spend less time in checkout.


Visual design

One of our biggest goals was to create a responsive maps experience that could be used right out of the box by any one of hundreds of ticketing sites that license our maps page, but also remain fairly plain vanilla so that a site could easily implement their own branding to it without breaking the layout. I achieved this by using a very simple color palette, simple transitions, and familiar interface elements.


Desktop layout